Neuroandum #5

When you look at your body what do you see?
You see two of everything everywhere.
Wherever it could nature deposited two.
Philosophy has long been mistaken:
One is nothing unless divided — think two.

Next, think brain. Just take a minute or two.
Like Gaia herself, two conjoining hemispheres
Cooperate in opera no one composes
Other than Nature, impatient of one
In all she does — she feels two are sweeter.

The work is divided, as much work should be,
So a work of love flourish from a love of work
Our bodies evolved to perform at will
If will and body only embrace
Like lovers who give not merely receive.

Sharing and shearing the same parent share
(Even as my line shears the caesura’s share),
And let our pride swell as much as it will,
Like a stroke crippling the brain, it can only end
In a solitary lesion’s emptiness.

Divided in two the brain is itself
And can begin to finish its life’s work,
Assembling the mind from neuronal charges
Distributed alike in all but, in each,
Reciprocal uniquely with time and space,

No two brains deprived of the law of two,
Which is difference for all, even for twins,
Who cannot be connected unless apart,
The mystery of belonging by longing to be
A part together together apart

Where separation empowers union —
As sexes couple to forget themselves
The better to remember the bodies they bear —
So hemispheres of cells billions in number
Chemically coordinate feeling and thought

Until mind emerges conscious of self,
Conscious, then, too, of the selves of others,
Each desiring the real of recognition
Which affirms you are apart but not alone,
Each of you bound alike in freedom’s thrall

To live and die responsible for yourself
Just because you are not alone, most of all
When you boil with envy, greed, and hatred,
For then you belong to the other, their thing,
Proving the power they have taken from you.

You must instead like your brain live divided
(Beware the snake oil of what you want to hear,
It will melt your mind), so your self will come
To challenge yourself by the glass of death:
What is worth having if it is not worth living?



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